Meet Emelia

Born Spring 2018

Hi there, since I was born, my mummy Kitty has been so busy looking after me that she no longer goes to work. She is always here with me to make sure I am well-fed and safe. Since we are at home a lot playing, we have been experimenting on ideas on what we like doing and also how we can bring that joy to others.

Ever since I was in mummy's belly, I remember she would light the candles in the bathroom and have a nice long soak to relax in the evenings. She would play music from Sleep Radio to unwind.

This has led us to our first idea so far on our journey...recycling and reusing old candles. We all love the smell and the relaxing atmosphere lighting a candle in the room brings but what happens when the flame reaches the end, do we simply ditch it? Instead of throwing away your old glass candles (or other glass jars), we want to collect them from you and give them a new life as a new candle :-) Every item we re-use helps Mother Nature that little bit more.

refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot



It can help with...

Less for landfill

Try to reuse household items whenever possible to reduce the number of landfill sites. Every change makes a difference.

Cash for trash

Instead of throwing away old candles and glass jars, drop them off to us to be recycled and made into a new candle. Receive HKD $5 credit for every jar you recycle.

Be nice. Smell nice

Your upcycled candle will be hand made and poured by Kitty. Every candle is made using natural wax with no chemicals. Made with love, thanked by Mother Nature.



“This is a great initiative and another great step in helping Hong Kong reduce waste and recycle”


Interested in recycle and reuse?

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+852 6283 4336

Tin Hau, Hong Kong



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